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Commerzbank Offers Real-Time Structured Product Pricing on Bloomberg DLIB

Commerzbank AG has chosen to provide its institutional clients with a newly launched automated way to model bespoke structured products and calculate a tradeable price, through Bloomberg’s Derivatives Library (DLIB). Available through Commerzbank’s dealer page on the Bloomberg Terminal, the Bank will provide clients with real-time tradeable prices on structured […] » Weiterlesen

An Issuance Platform for SME Corporate Loans

CAT Financial Products and CAT Growth Launch Issuance Platform for SME Corporate Loans

CAT Financial Products and CAT Growth are launching a platform that enables institutional investors access to securitized corporate loans from selected SMEs. While CAT Growth identifies and manages potential companies and enables direct investments with a focus on growth financing and succession planning, CAT Financial Products is responsible for the […] » Weiterlesen

Commerzbank ist erster Emittent im Handelssegment deriBX für Strukturierte Produkte

Die Commerzbank ist der erste Emittent, der strukturierte Produkte im Segment deriBX an der BX Swiss handelbar macht. Kotiert wird ein breites Spektrum an Hebelprodukten: Die Warrants, Knock-out-Produkte und Faktorzertifikate beziehen sich auf Basiswerte wie Aktien und Indizes aus der Schweiz, Europa und den USA. Der Handelsstart im Segment deriBX […] » Weiterlesen

A Crypto Index ETP Listing with a „HODL“ Ticker

SIX Hosts World’s First Crypto Index ETP Listing by Amun

Amun AG was established by a team of FinTech entrepreneurs and bankers in July 2018, incorporated and registered in Zug, Switzerland, as a public limited corporation. After exploring more than 28 different exchanges and territories around the world, Amun AG settled on Switzerland for its financial excellence and regulatory stability. […] » Weiterlesen

Amun AG Hires Mark Rodino Ahead Of Innovative Crypto-Currency ETP

Amun AG, a Swiss fintech special purpose company that is launching exchange-traded products in the crypto-currency space, has hired Mark Rodino as Managing Director & Global Head of Distribution. Rodino joins the Amun team in preparation for a new suite of financial products in the form of Exchange Traded Products […] » Weiterlesen

CAT Financial Products Launches First Multi-Asset Platform for Actively Managed Certificates

CAT Financial Products Launches First Multi-Asset Platform for Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)

CAT Financial Products claims to be the first independent financial services provider to launch its own platform for Active Managed Certificates (AMCs). This enables the issuance of AMCs via off-balance sheet vehicles and integrates the trading technology of the largest American online broker, Interactive Brokers (IBKR). This gives asset managers […] » Weiterlesen

Contineo Hires Benoit Pommier as Head of Sales & Marketing

Contineo Hires Benoit Pommier as Head of Sales & Marketing

Contineo, the industry-backed messaging network for equity-linked structured products in Asia announced the appointment of Benoit Pommier to support the company’s growth in the region. CEO Antoine de Charnacé says Mr Pommier’s expertise in structured products and private banking in Asia is ideal to strengthen Contineo’s growing team. “Contineo is […] » Weiterlesen

Leonteq Erweitert Constructor Plattform / Cornèr Bank Neue Automatisierte Emittentin

Leonteq Erweitert Ihre Constructor Plattform Um Die Cornèr Bank Als Neue Automatisierte Emittentin

Die Cornèr Bank wird die sechste Emittentin auf der automatisierten Multi-Issuer Plattform Constructor von Leonteq. Die Kunden haben Zugang zu wichtigen strukturierten Produkten wie z.B. Autocallables (einschließlich Softcallables), (Multi/Barrier) Reverse Convertibles, Kapitalschutz-Zertifikate, Airbag-Zertifikate, Bonus-Zertifikate und Outperformance-Zertifikate. Das Anlageuniversum wird mehr als 800 Aktien (einschließlich Indizes) und wichtige Rohstoffe umfassen. Kunden […] » Weiterlesen

DeriBX Strukturierte Produkte Neu auch an Berner Börse handelbar

DeriBX Strukturierte Produkte

Die BX Swiss startet in Kürze das neue Handelssegment deriBX für strukturierte Produkte. „Gemeinsam mit namhaften Emittenten werden wir als Schweizer Börse das Produktuniversum in der Schweiz erweitern – für Privatanleger, Vermögensverwalter und Pensionskassen“, sagt Harald Schnabel, CEO der BX Swiss AG. Mit dem neuen Segment deriBX will die BX […] » Weiterlesen

Unigestion Expands Equity Derivatives Team with Didier Anthamatten

Didier Anthamatten

Didier Anthamatten joined Unigestion earlier this year, bringing with him more than a decade of experience in managing specialist derivatives strategies. He was previously Head of Equity Derivatives Trading at Pictet & Cie, having joined the company as Proprietary Trader focusing on Equity Derivatives in 2011. Prior to Pictet, Didier […] » Weiterlesen