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Smartkarma and Interactive Brokers Collaborate to Deliver Independent Insight to Professional Investors

Smartkarma and Interactive Brokers Collaborate to Deliver Independent Insight to Professional Investors

Smartkarma, a global investment research network, announced a worldwide technology integration with Interactive Brokers, a leading online trading platform. The two companies will work together to offer an expanded range of resources to professional investors, including unbiased, independent research on listed companies, direct access to independent analysts (Insight Providers), and […] » Weiterlesen

Robo-Advisors Continues Support into Junior Football Programme for Expats

Robo-Advisors Continues Support into Junior Football Programme for Expats

Singapore’s robo-advisor company Connect by Crossbridge announced that it is sponsoring the Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) soccer. ANZA is an expat organisation for Australians and New Zealanders stationed in Singapore. One of its extensive list of efforts includes a programme to encourage children ages 3-18 to participate in […] » Weiterlesen

Infographic: 9 Recent Events That Changed Finance Forever

The following infographic from Singapore Fintech Startup Call Levels highlights 9 recent “black swan” events that will have a lasting impact on how investors approach markets. These events range from the Asian financial crisis of 1997 to the more recent Brexit panic that occurred in June 2016. It is a great example […] » Weiterlesen

The 7 Hottest Singaporean Fintech Startups

Singapore, which offers a rich ecosystem of banks, tech companies, universities and research organizations, is well poised to tap the massive prospects of financial technology, Ms Anju Patwardhan, Group Head of Risk Innovation at Standard Chartered Group, said in a conference on May 6. This prosperous environment has led to […] » Weiterlesen

Singaporean Social Trading Platform ShereIt Aims to Become the Ultimate Mobile Global Network

ShereIt, formerly Bw8 Trading, is a Singaporean global social trading network that allows non-professional investors to identify expert traders, follow them and copy their trades and actions. Social trading, which started to gain popularity in the early 2010s, is the process through which online financial investors rely on user generated […] » Weiterlesen

CoAssets: Southeast Asia’s Very First Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

CoAssets is a Singapore-based real estate crowdfunding platform, business network and educational interface for real estate and crowdfunding enthusiasts. Launched in July 2013, the platform aims to „match make“ property deals with investors and was the very first real estate crowdfunding platform in Southeast Asia. The startup was incubated by […] » Weiterlesen

KyePot Co-Founder: „Banks Are Not Teaching People How To Save Properly“

KyePot is a Singaporean startup that provides users – most particularly those from emerging markets -, with a platform to save, lend and borrow in „trusted social groups.“ The mobile-based platform allows users to contribute to and borrow from a group pool of savings, bringing individuals together to achieve their […] » Weiterlesen

Millennials: 3 Things Fintechs Are Doing Better

The Millennial Generation, comprised of the people born between 1982 and 2004, is leading a generational shift, challenging and reinventing notions of trust in financial services, according to a new report from Innotribe. » Weiterlesen

Sandboxes for Fintech Singapore Startups

The Monetary Authority of Singapore, which announced plans to turn Singapore into a „Smart Financial Center“ earlier this year, has formed in late-July the Financial Centre Advisory Panel (FCAP). Composed of 26 leaders from the banking, insurance and asset management industries, the panel should strengthen the dialogue and partnership between […] » Weiterlesen

SkolaFund Gives Underprivileged Students Access to Higher Education Financing

Malaysian startup SkolaFund is what we would call a startup with a cause. Essentially, SkolaFund is a crowdfunding platform where deserving undergrads can share about their achievements and backgrounds and have the crowd support their scholarships. The purpose of SkolaFund, according to co-founders Syakir Hashim and Syamil Tengku, is to […] » Weiterlesen