Robo-Advisors Continues Support into Junior Football Programme for Expats

Singapore’s robo-advisor company Connect by Crossbridge announced that it is sponsoring the Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) soccer.

ANZA is an expat organisation for Australians and New Zealanders stationed in Singapore. One of its extensive list of efforts includes a programme to encourage children ages 3-18 to participate in organised grassroots soccer in Singapore.

Robo-Advisors Continues Support into Junior Football Programme for Expats

Connect by Crossbridge will be buying each child in the organisation’s Vikings programme an essentials kit, which will include soccer clothes, shoes and equipment. This donation translates to approximately 90 kits doled out to children aged between 7–16 years old.

Connect by Crossbrige has been a regular sponsor for ANZA for 18 months now—in fact, Connect by Crossbridge was named a Gold Sponsor by ANZA just this March.

When it comes to robo-advisors, particularly one that zooms in on robo-advisory for accredited investors, pouring sponsorships into a junior football programme is a curious move as there doesn’t seem to be an obvious correlation between the two parties.

Nevertheless, perhaps Connect by Crossbridge has its reasons, and it will be interesting to observe if their long-term attention into these activities, like investing, will bear fruit for the company.


Featured image via Connect by Crossbridge

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