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Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange Launched

Huobi HADAX Launches ‘Europe & Australia Edition’

Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) launched ‘Europe & Australia Edition’ on the 21st May featuring projects from these two regions. Projects from Europe & Australia are competing on the same ground with lesser competition from other regions and enjoying a higher successful listing rate. To qualify for this special edition, […] » Weiterlesen

Huobi Group Launches the Huobi 10 Crypto Index

Huobi Group Launches the ‘Huobi 10 Index

Huobi Group officially launches the ‘Huobi 10 Index’, and announced that HB10 will be launched based on the ‘Huobi 10 Index’ next month. Huobi 10 Index selects 10 large-scale digital assets with high market capitalization and strong liquidity. The purpose of the index is to accurately reflect the market performance […] » Weiterlesen