Leonteq Launches New Digital Marketplace for Structured Products

Leonteq today launched first modules and features of its new digital marketplace, called LynQs.

In 2018, Leonteq launched a new initiative to fully transform the company’s structured products offering. In the months since, the company has made extensive investments and assigned numerous development specialists to build a digital marketplace that will provide Leonteq clients with a completely new investment experience.

By giving clients digital access to one of the largest structured product universes, they will benefit from unique lifecycle management and investment ideas and will be able to invest in a tailor-made and optimised way.

LynQs will serve as a one-stop-shop and provide Leonteq’s clients external access to applications, services and market and product data that were previously only available internally. LynQs will be available in real-time on the web or mobile app and can be white-labelled individually.

As part of the initiative, first modules and new features of Leonteq’s digital marketplace have already been released to a number of clients in a beta testing phase. Today, the following LynQs modules are available in the existing Constructor environment to Leonteq’s client base:

Clients can discover new investment ideas across all asset classes, which are prepared daily by Leonteq’s leading structuring team.
The new lifecycle management module enables clients to monitor structured products and offers vast flexibility irrespective of product type or issuer. Users can monitor barriers in real-time and stay informed on lifecycle events, such as expiries, coupon payments, redemptions or autocall events.

In addition, the lifecycle management services have been expanded and allow clients to upload their third-party products onto LynQs, providing them a comprehensive and complete overview of their structured products portfolio across all issuers.

LynQs is an in-house developed technology by Leonteq based on its powerful analytical library and financial products engine. Taking advantage of major technology advancements and using state-of-the-art tools and services, LynQs will use new application features in a scalable, efficient and modular manner.

It will also offer open application programming interfaces (API) which will simplify white-labelling services and tools for Leonteq’s issuance partners and private banking clients. Additional new features and modules will be released in stages as Leonteq’s new digital marketplace expands beyond Constructor and transforms into the new platform LynQs.

David Schmid

David Schmid

David Schmid, Head Investment Solutions and member of the Executive Committee of Leonteq said:

“LynQs will bring a new standard of service, speed and accessibility for investing in structured products, and we are excited to launch the first modules of this digital marketplace to an extended client base. Based on the positive feedback already received from our early onboarded clients, we are confident LynQs’ unique offering will be widely welcomed by all parties.”

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