Interview with Contineo, Asias Open Multi Issuer Structured Products Network could do an exclusive Interview with Mark Muñoz, the Managing Director of Contineo, the industry’s first open multi-issuer network based in Hong Kong. The platform delivers greater access to equity-linked structured products for private banking and wealth management firms. Contineo is a consortium backed by AG Delta, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, J.P. Morgan and Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking.

mark munoz contineoWhy is it named Contineo? 

It is latin and means to connect.


How is this name connected to Structured Products?

Contineo is about connecting the buy-side and sell-side through a common network. We are bringing together the industry to work across a unified messaging protocol.


Please explain how it works?

The buy-side can connect to the network via REST API, FIX API or use our web-interface. This allows them to send request for quotes to the sell-side firms who can respond and accept orders as


Over 3000 Underlyings

I dont understand why it should be the iTunes or the the Whats App for Investments as mentioned in various news articles.

WhatsApp has created a global messaging network used by millions of people. Contineo is a messaging network designed for the buy-side and sell-side to communicate about structured products.


Wich markets are you offering?

Contineo supports products across the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore markets and at launch the buy-side can access over 3000 underlyers offered by the Sell-Side.


Which markets are u targeting mainly?

The greatest interest at the moment is with Hong Kong and Singapore private banks.


Which products can be priced?

ELNs, KOELNs, Accumulator, Decumulator, FCN, DRANs


How high is the annual membership fee? What other benefits they will get?

The subscription fee is multiples lower than what it would cost to access the network individually. Subscribers can access all members on network, have unlimited messaging (RFQs and so forth), unlimited access to the APIs and web-interface, as well as become a member of our Advisory Organisation (for buy-side).

Can u please exlplain in detail the shareholder structure?

Shareholding is divided equally between the consortium members.


And can I call Contineo an independent structured products multi issuer platform?

Yes. This is very true. We are independent in that we can add more issuers, add more buy-side firms, connect to third party technology providers or other networks and make our APIs open.


How many issuers are already fully connected and automated?

We are launching with six issuers.


 our content creation is in the data


When will all issuers be fully connected and automated?

We are in testing now and expect to go live in Q2.


How long where you developing the platform?

We’ve been in development for over one year.


Isn’t it a little naive just to build the tool and not building some content around the plattform? On I dont find a lot of informations. Or what will be your communication strategy?

Our strategy is to focus on our core offering – connecting the buy-side with the sell-side for structured products through a common network. Over time we can add more asset classes and product types. When viewed holistically many people come to understand that our content creation is in the data that is generated within the platform. That is a value add that we plan to give back to the industry and our Subscribers.

We’ve been in development for over one year.


I am sure you follow also the development of Bank Vontobels Deritrade, which is now also targeting Asia, What is different with Contineo?

Vontobel offers a range of products for end to end processing, while our aim is to be the leader in connectivity. This may include networks that can connect to each other where there is a shared vision of lower costs for the entire industry.


Any plans to rollout Contineo also in Switzerland or other western countries?

Not at this time. The response in Asia has been overwhelming and we are working as quickly as we can to meet the demands of the private banks and issuers

So why is Zurich featured on your website?

Haha. I liked the picture. Contineo means „to gather“ and to „connect“. A lot of imagery on our website shows that connection and the bridge in Zurich reflects that mission – to gather the industry. 

mark munoz contineoMark is a financial services technology veteran with a track record of growing technology starts ups and managing profitable businesses. During his 15-year career, Mark has developed specific expertise in building technology platforms for the financial services industry.

Mark founded InvestLab technology in 2010 in Hong Kong, a provider of financial technology for brokerage firms to access global markets. He was the vision behind the company, leading the innovation and overseeing corporate development. Mark continues to serve on InvestLab’s board.

On Twitter he can found under @markmunoz. A selection of press articles about Contineo can be found here.

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