CAT Financial Products Launches First Multi-Asset Platform for Actively Managed Certificates

CAT Financial Products claims to be the first independent financial services provider to launch its own platform for Active Managed Certificates (AMCs).

CAT financial product

This enables the issuance of AMCs via off-balance sheet vehicles and integrates the trading technology of the largest American online broker, Interactive Brokers (IBKR). This gives asset managers the opportunity to implement the fastest and most individual investment strategies at minimum cost and without the issuer risk of a bank.

As an additional service to its existing issuance platform, the new AMC platform, linked to Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Ltd., provides a further building block in CAT Financial Products‘ fully integrated service. It is a fully digital AMC platform for any investment. It is aimed in particular for strategy-managers who prefer trading via a leading global broker such as Interactive Brokers, who are looking for online trading access and interfaces and who want to map strategies in the areas of equities, bonds, options, futures, FX and others.

Fast implementation of AMCs through Interactive Brokers‘ trading platform

Unlike passive index certificates, actively managed certificates allow to securitise an active portfolio strategy. Due to this dynamic structure, AMCs are particularly suitable for innovative ideas and strategies. The flexibility of the issuer therefore plays an increasingly important role.

Strategy-managers and investors who want to efficiently execute traditional trading strategies now have full access to Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Ltd’s trading and custody platform. In addition to this connectivity, the web-based solution offers order fulfillment from anywhere, anytime. The AMC platform enables risk control, low execution costs and one of the broadest investment universe.

24-hour access to all securities of the Interactive Brokers universe

The platform covers a wide range of AMCs. AMCs, which represent strategies using futures, options and/or FX, can thus be launched via a unique platform. With interfaces for automated trading strategies, this enables 24-hour access to the markets without limiting the number of trades per day. The AMC platform enables new strategy-managers to offer their trading strategies transparently and efficiently in a daily tradable certificate.

All AMC certificates have a Swiss paying agent and a Swiss ISIN, which means they meet the highest trading standards. By optimising processes and integrating Interactive Brokers technology into the platform, the solution can becomes scalable.

Complete integration of the processes without the issuer risk of a bank

Like the existing issuing platform, the AMC platform is based on off-balance sheet special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and covers the entire process chain from advice, structuring, securitisation and daily valuation through to booking into the client’s custody account. The daily secondary market, the transparent setup, the maximum security and the possibility to freely determine all parties involved offer the most flexible and cost-effective form of this business.


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