Weltsparen Launches ETF Savings Plan; Cooperation with Vanguard and BNP

Raisin, one of the top funded Fintech Companies in Germany, starts with an ETF investment plan.

Starting on its German platform WeltSparen, Raisin is introducing a savings plan for its line of ETF portfolios.

With the new savings plan Raisin’s customers in Germany will be able to build their wealth starting at €50 per month.

The company is additionally lowering the one-time minimum required investment amount to start a WeltInvest portfolio to €500. WeltInvest is the result of WeltSparen’s cooperation with Vanguard as fund provider and DAB BNP Paribas. Vanguard is one of the largest providers of cost-efficient investment solutions worldwide.

Global investments without barriers: fair, transparent and cost-efficient

With WeltInvest, consumers invest in globally diversified stocks and bonds with investment grade rating. Based on their risk/return preference investors select one of four available WeltInvest portfolios and then enjoy the benefit of automatic reinvestment of their earnings, flexible deposits and payouts at no additional cost, as well as an annual rebalancing of the portfolio.

The all-in cost are 0.49 percent.

Just 12 months after launch, more than 5,000 customers have taken advantage of the WeltInvest offer, investing more than €100 million through the platform.

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