Solactive is Tracking the Rise of the Industry 4.0 with new Index

Solactive announces the launch of the Solactive Industry 4.0 Index, an index tracking the performance of companies that are operating in any of the following segments: Advanced Robotics, Augmented Reality & 3D Printing, Cloud & Big Data, Cyber Security and Internet of Things (IoT) (together the “Index Categories”).

From each of the five index categories the index selects the top 10 companies based on the market capitalization and/or their R&D to Sales ratio. Each of the five index categories and their individual components are weighted equally.

Industry 4.0 is the interconnection and total automatization of a factory towards an autonomous machine economy in which machines interact with each other without human intervention. With 3D printing,fabrication of components becomes much more flexible, cost effective, distributed, and on-demand. Augmented Reality can speed up the production chain and has a significant impact on the maintenance cost.

Cloud solutions and Big Data build the foundation of Industry 4.0 and allow real-time communications for production systems as well as real-time decision-making support and optimization. The IoT is the monitoring tool to control and access infrastructure across the network. In this connected world cyber security is a key factor for a truly automated industry.

Timo Pfeiffer, Head of Research at Solactive, commented:

Timo Pfeiffer

Timo Pfeiffer

“Industry 4.0 promises enormous productivity advancements and it is certainly not exaggerated to say that this is a turning point in history. The Solactive Industry 4.0 Index is a great opportunity for investors to gain exposure to this exciting market .”

The index universe consists of stocks listed in one of the 23 developed market countries as defined by the Solactive Country Classification system. Current index components are for example: MongoDB Inc., Oracle Corp., Palo Alto Networks Inc., NVIDIA Corp., Dassault Systèmes SA and SAP SE.


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