Scalable Capital Takes Over

Scalable Capital, a fast-growing online broker and Robo Advisor, expands its information services and acquires justETF GmbH, a special interest portal for exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) and investing.

The founders of justETF, Dominique and Petra Riedl from Kirchentellinsfurt, as well as the team remain on board after the acquisition. The brand will also remain. justETF has an online presence in Germany, Italy and other European markets. As a specialised source of information, the portal complements Scalable Capital’s existing information resources and supports the company’s path towards becoming Europe’s leading digital investment platform.

Scalable Capital Extends Information Services on Exchange-Traded Index Funds

ETFs are an essential part of Scalable Capital’s business model. With its digital wealth management, the company has been providing access to ETF-based and cost-effective investment to a broad group of investors since the beginning of 2016. Clients can choose between different investment strategies that are continuously monitored and automatically adjusted to the market conditions. With Scalable Capital’s digital broker, retail investors can also trade ETFs themselves and thus compile their own portfolio. ETFs make it possible to invest in a broadly diversified and cost-effective way with a single investment.

justETF is the largest information portal on ETFs in Europe. It supports retail investors with ETF and portfolio comparisons, portfolio tools for the simple creation of ETF portfolios, educational articles, videos, online seminars and podcasts specifically for do-it-yourself investing. justETF records around eight million hits per month.


More information about the deal (in German):



Scalable Capital kauft justETF. Hier die 4 Motive für den Deal







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