New Mobile Payments Index Tracked by Solactive

Solactive announces the launch of the Solactive Mobile Payment NTR Index.

The index is tracking the performance of companies that are active in the areas of electronic and mobile payments processing. The index is equal weighted and includes the 20 stocks with the highest market capitalization in the corresponding areas.

Mobile payment solutions are on the rise. In 2015, the total revenues worldwide through mobile payments exceeded UDS 450 billion and it is expected to surpass USD 1 trillion by 2019 according to data from statista.

Mobile phones have become a standard around the globe and the wide-spread use of NFC chips enables most phones to offer different kinds of payment solutions. Especially developing countries are at the forefront of this growing trend.

Countries like China are heading towards a cashless society in which smartphones are replacing wallets. Simple peer-to-peer solutions that just require a smartphone open up the industry to small merchants that previously have been excluded from the use of electronic payments.

Timo Pfeiffer

Timo Pfeiffer

Timo Pfeiffer, Head of Research at Solactive, commented:

“The payment revolution in the second half of the 20th century that was sparked by the introduction of the credit card is the equivalent of what we see today in the mobile payments sector. The Solactive Mobile Payment NTR Index is a great opportunity for investors to gain exposure to this exciting market.”

The index universe consists of stocks listed in 18 developed markets. Current index components are for example: Adyen NV, Worldpay Inc., Wirecard AG, and PayPal Holdings, Inc.

Index components:

index components


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