First eSports and eGaming ETF

Solactive releases its Solactive eGaming Index (SOEGAMEN).

It serves as the underlying of the Evolve E-Gaming Index ETF (“HERO”) and includes companies active in eGaming and eSports, both of which are striving markets with robust performance potentials. Canadian ETF provider Evolve ETFs will be the first company to launch an ETF tracking the index.

eSports is a cultural phenomenon, and the rise of global communication has transformed what was once an individual pastime to become a worldwide billion-dollar industry. In 2018, the combined revenue of companies involved in the global eGaming industry topped USD 100 bn, setting a solid foundation for potential future growth.

For investors to benefit from the momentum of the global eGaming market, Solactive developed its Solactive eGaming Index, which provides exposure to companies that are engaged in the eGaming segment.

For example, the index includes global companies that run online gaming web sites and incorporates game producers for smartphones, PCs, handhelds, or dedicated consoles.

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