Vontobel Unites Investors and Investment Managers on “Investerest”

With investerest, Vontobel now provides a wide range of investors with access to professionally managed investment strategies from investment managers and independent asset managers as well as various investment solutions of the future.

Vontobel offers investors new opportunities for investment and long-term asset accumulation. On the investerest marketplace (www.investerest.com), one can now access broadly diversified investment solutions from investment managers, independent asset managers, family offices, and banks.

This gives investors access to a multi-faceted spectrum of different expert strategies, actively managed index solutions, quantitative investing, as well as passive investment opportunities. Vontobel makes topics such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and even cryptocurrencies investable.

The new platform closes the gap between investors and investment managers and at the same time takes account of the community approach. While investors can evaluate individual investment strategies, investment managers can comment on current market developments and to transparently present the impact on their strategy on the platform. It offers investment managers, independent asset managers, family offices, and banks the possibility of offering their investment strategies to a larger target group and to open the door to more investors.

Roger Studer

Roger Studer

“With investerest, we are responding to a client need for theme-oriented investment solutions and, with this online marketplace, we continue to approach the goal of digitizing the capital market. On investerest, investors have the opportunity to invest in trends and themes that exactly match their needs and convictions.”,

says Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking.

Initially, Vontobel is launching the platform in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Singapore, thus further expanding its platform strategy. With investerest, we are following up on the success of the online platform cosmofunding that was launched a year ago to digitize the financing market.

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