Swiss Exchange First to Launch International Microwave-Based Trading in Europe

SIX launched last week its new international microwave-based trading connections in Europe.

The Swiss exchange offers the service through its new Zurich-based joint-venture 12H AG (“12H”) with the shareholders of the microwave solutions provider 12Horizons Pte Ltd.

six swiss technologyMicrowave technology allows trade data for all securities listed at SIX to be transmitted more than twice as fast as connections based on commonly used fiber optic technology.

SIX is the first exchange worldwide to own and operate an international microwave network in Europe.

The new microwave network from SIX connects Zurich to London, Frankfurt and Milan as well as Milan to Frankfurt. The service enables trading participants of the Swiss exchange to execute their trading strategies faster and enhances their risk management.

It also improves liquidity and tighten spreads, which results in better execution conditions for all stakeholders of the Swiss exchange, including trading participants and end investors alike. The new service is integrated in the portfolio of SIX who takes care of all customer relationships for 12H.

Equal access to the new offering is ensured for all trading participants at both regulatory and technical levels, in line with Switzerland’s legal framework.

Thomas Zeeb, Head Securities & Exchanges, SIX, comments:

“Introducing microwave technology represents a significant step towards creating the Exchange Services of the future and our strong commitment to provide customers with a single source for the best low latency services from and to Zurich.

We are the operator of Switzerland’s combined exchange and post-trade infrastructure and the new service demonstrates our strategy to redefine how breakthrough technology is deployed in the trade and post-trade areas.”

Reinier Fliehe Boeschoten, Managing Director of 12H comments:

“We share the vision of SIX to create the stock exchange of the future. In combining the assets of both companies, we create numerous opportunities and potential, including, innovation on a business and a technological level.

We are excited by the possibilities that this transaction creates and very much look forward towards a successful future together.”


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