Getting Cozy with the New Normal? 1tes CFA Asset Management Forum

Everybody agrees that we are in a new normal of financial repression,indefinitely low interest rates and returns. But are we? Or is recent rates activity a harbinger of even newer things to come? Discuss …


  • Fabrizio Ladi Bucciolini, Senior Investor at Adarama Consultants
  • Prof. Ines Chaieb, Assistant Professor of Finance at Geneva Finance Research Institute
  • Prof. Amit Goyal, Professor of Finance at University of Lausanne
  • Fabrizio Quirighetti, Chief Economist, Syz Asset Management
  • R. David Randson, President Wainwright Economics
  • Thomas Veillet, Independent Advisor (moderator)

For the first time in Geneva, the CFA Switzerland Asset Management Forum combines local and global academic expertise and practitioner experience in a highly interactive Forum with presentations, panel discussions, Q&A as well as networking opportunities to discuss the challenges of managing assets in a post- (or pre?) crisis environment.

cfa forum






  • The Implications of Low Yields for Pension Funds
  • Classifying Assets for Strategic and Tactical Allocation
  •  Lower Yield? Higher Inflation? – How to achieve consistent real returns
  • Improving Portfolio Income – A non-rocket science approach to passively use
  • the equities allocation to increase overall portfolio income.
  • The Market Integration of Emerging Markets – Do they still provide the same level of diversification?

The Asset Management Forum Geneva is hosted by CFA Society Switzerland.
This event qualifies for 3 credit hours in the CFA Institute Continuing Education program. Presentations will be in English.
Admission: CHF 100 for Members of CFA Switzerland. CHF 150 for the general public

Register HERE: with Code „Finanzpro“ you get 10CHF Discount.

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