A Sharing Economy Index

Solactive will launch the Solactive Sharing Economy Index. It tracks companies active in the Sharing Economy, and other modern economies such as on-demand and subscription.

Formerly being attributed to open-source communities, the umbrella term “Sharing Economy“, nowadays reflects various economic activities such as peer-to-peer sharing of goods and services. For many years, the usage of Sharing Economy services is on the rise, with 26 percent of US internet users engaged in 2017, growing to an expected 38 percent in 2021.

The reasons for customers to engage in Sharing Economy are manifold: while over half of Sharing Economy users put emphasis on the price-performance ratio, 30 percent value the direct communication between customer and service providers. For another 31 percent, environmental protection and sustainability represent a crucial factor for participating in Sharing Economy.

The Solactive Sharing Economy Index provides exposure to companies active in car sharing, hospitality, private rentals, peer-to-peer lending, and co-working. Its construction leverages on Solactive’s in-house research to break down and analyze the dynamics of this thriving economy.

The index includes listed companies that are competing with the large private unicorns such as Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, etc. and provides exposure to companies that invested heavily in these aforementioned market leaders.

Timo Pfeiffer

Timo Pfeiffer

Timo Pfeiffer, Head of Research at Solactive, commented:

“The Sharing Economy is reflecting a current shift in our societal behavior. Nowadays, we prefer to share resources for a broader cause and more efficiency. Solactive continues to innovate in order to provide investors with a common framework to get exposure to listed and non-floating companies active in this trend”.

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